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Affordable Housing

Physical redevelopment, especially as regards affordable housing, is fundamental to the recovery of places stung by years of disinvestment and decline.  New construction and preservation efforts eliminate vacant, blighted properties and clean up environmentally contaminated land.  They create quality, affordable homes that root families, and--by putting rents and mortgages within their reach--ensure they have more disposable income to spend on local goods and services.  A more stable residential base supports growing neighborhood businesses, and a better physical environment helps drive neighborhood safety while attracting additional private investment.

The built environment is critical to a healthy Sustainable Community.  It is the most visible evidence of new growth and opportunity, and it fuels wider related gains that have a lasting impact.

News Articles

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Practioner Resources

Resources have been categorized by the issue area.  Included are publications and webinars along with tools and templates for community development practitioners involved in the development and management of affordable housing.

Housing Development and Preservation

Practioner Resources “Recapitalizing Affordable Rental Housing: A Handbook for Nonprofit… Continue

    Asset and Property Management

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      Green Development

      Practioner Resources "Green & Healthy Property Management: A Guide for Multifamily Buildings"… Continue

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