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Houston’s Near Northside Neighborhood Quality-of-Life Plan

Houston’s Near Northside neighborhood is in the midst of a transformation from a warehouse district known for crime and lacking in economic opportunities, to a more vibrant community offering new homes, retail options, jobs and recreational spaces to residents.

The Near Northside Neighborhood is a historic neighborhood developed in the 1880’s. It is located inside the city’s inner loop just north of downtown.  With a strong history and culture, the Near Northside’s 29,923 residents--as stated by the 2000 Census--are primarily of Hispanic descent with a growing number of African-Americans.  

Crime, an aging housing stock, and inadequate infrastructure have degraded the quality of life in the community, but due to its proximity to downtown, the neighborhood is experiencing new redevelopment activity along with the Metro Light Rail expansion that will go through the neighborhood. Also, the Main Street transportation corridor provides an important connection between the Near Northside and the downtown business district. 

Houston’s Near Northside Neighborhood Quality-of-Life Plan

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