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Delinquent Property Tax Enforcement 101 (Webinar)

Property taxes are governed by state laws that vary dramatically and are typically enforced at the county level. The systems many local governments use to collect delinquent property taxes often trap deteriorating properties in legal limbo, incentivize abandonment, and lead to a loss of equity or even homelessness for vulnerable homeowners. At the same time, they can also be used to resolve many of these issues. Reform of the state and local laws governing property tax enforcement is on the minds of community advocates and governments across the nation. Modern, equitable property tax enforcement systems can help ensure responsible ownership of vacant properties, protect vulnerable homeowners, provide resources for land banking and neighborhood stabilization, and ensure that interest and penalties associated with delinquent tax enforcement are returned to the taxpayers caring for vacant properties. This webinar will explore key elements of efficient, effective, and equitable delinquent property tax enforcement systems, provide an overview of the variation in systems seen around the country, and offer a primer on how to determine whether reform is needed in a given community. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the links between property tax enforcement, vacancy, and neighborhood stabilization, and learn some best practices in property tax system reform.

Price: $45.00


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