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Borrowing from LISC (Webinar)

Are you a current LISC borrower or thinking that you may need financing at some point in the future?  Tune into this webinar and hear everything you always wanted to know about borrowing from LISC!

LISC Lending Overview

  • Types of loans available, rates, term, fees
  • Process timeline

LISC Underwriting

  • Borrower organizational and financial strength
  • Deal structuring, third-party reports, collateral, take out sources

LISC Monitoring / Asset Management Overview

  • Audits and interim financial statements
  • Operating statements


  • Connie Max, Vice President and Chief Credit Officer, National LISC
  • Mary Kursar, Director of Underwriting, National LISC
  • Ramon Jacobson, Deputy Director, Washington DC LISC
  • Ben Anderson, Loan Monitoring Officer, National LISC
  • Amanda Ikard, Credit Officer, National LISC


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