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Lots of Potential: Vacant Land Reuse 101 (Webinar)

Maybe houses were demolished—one, or dozens, or many, many more. Or a factory moved out of town and its buildings were knocked down. Perhaps both! Whatever the reason, your community finds itself with a surplus of vacant land. What does it take to develop an effective plan for vacant land reuse – and how can you translate that plan into action? This webinar will walk you through the foundations of vacant land reuse planning and implementation. It will explore the roles of data, policy, and processes, community engagement, project design, and maintenance. And because vacant land often exists in the context of historic (and continuing) power imbalances that prevent some groups from accessing, or having a say in, vacant land reuse, the process will focus on equity, and meeting community needs, at all stages. You’ll walk away with a clearer sense of next steps to develop a vacant land reuse strategy in your community.

Instructor: Andrew Butcher, Consultant - Center for Community Progress & Executive Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

Price: $45.00


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