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NDC Academy 2017

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Rethinking How We Invest: Homes, Jobs and Communities in 2017 and Beyond

The NDC Academy brings local nonprofit and governmental development professionals together to learn how to fully use federal, state and local development finance tools, to share best practices, and to advocate for the preservation and improvement of tools that have proven successful at local and national levels.

Hosted by the National Development Council, the NDC Academy is a longstanding biennial event. This year’s Academy will focus on how economic development and community development finance professionals can work with the new Administration to further their community’s goals. More than ever, our community and investment partners need the opportunity to meet with one another and to interact with federal policy-makers. By October, the new administration will be in place, and Congress will have passed a budget providing insight into the priorities of our government’s new leadership. The Academy will share valuable insight into the new Administration and give leaders new tools to strengthen their communities.

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NDC Academy 2017

Washington, DC

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