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Reflections on the #LISCLeads ConferenceReflections on the #LISCLeads Conference

Boston, Leading, Thinking Out Loud—LISC conference sparks thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry

Health and Wellness Training Materials AvailableHealth and Wellness Training Materials Available

Health & Wellness—Mel King Institute training archive holds a trove of health-related resources

LISC Talks - UpdatedLISC Talks - Updated

Commercial and Economic Development, Family Income & Assets—View a series of talks given by community development leaders and visionaries at LISC’s 2016 National Leadership Conference

Post-Election OutlookPost-Election Outlook

Affordable Housing—How will affordable housing and community development fare under the new administration?

Fostering Small Business SuccessFostering Small Business Success

Commercial & Economic Development—Four ways to support small businesses in your community

Disaster Resilience for Vulnerable Populations

Affordable Housing—Examining how natural disasters affect low-income and minority households

First Steps on the Road to Financial Well-Being: Final Report from the Evaluation of LISC’s Financial Opportunity CentersFirst Steps on the Road to Financial Well-Being: Final Report from the Evaluation of LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers

Family Income & Assets—Evaluation of LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers proves their value

A Roundup of New Housing ResourcesA Roundup of New Housing Resources

Affordable Housing—Recent articles, reports and events help shine light on equity challenges and solutions in affordable housing

Recovery Can Start Before Disaster StrikesRecovery Can Start Before Disaster Strikes

Planning—Resources for building disaster-resilient communities

Helping Senior Renters Age In PlaceHelping Senior Renters Age In Place

Affordable Housing, Health & Wellness—New guides help housing developers and property managers meet the needs of aging residents

Featured Webinar

Aging in Place: Integrating Health and Housing for Low-Income and Chronically Ill Seniors Third in a webinar series presented by Community Catalyst. More information

About the Institute

The LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development is designed to share knowledge and resources with LISC staff, local agencies in the LISC network and others who are working in the field of comprehensive community development. The Institute website, trainings, webinars and peer-to-peer support are tools that help practitioners and their partners successfully implement comprehensive community initiatives.

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"Building Equity By the Tracks"

"LISC is pushing hard to make sure that new rail lines going into towns across the country aren’t just magnets for high-end investments, but also include the services and amenities low-income families need: Affordable housing, health care, financial planning assistance, cultural richness," writes John McCarron in this 2013 article on how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development that ran in the Next City website

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