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Spotlight Section: Health

Community Health Advocates bring resources and build relationships that improve the health and wellness of residents | A New View of Health

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Arts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosperArts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosper

Arts & Culture, Commercial and Economic Development, Thinking Out Loud—From forging connections between people to supercharging a neighborhood economy, arts and culture have a unique role in supporting community development.

A new role for local libraries and museumsA new role for local libraries and museums

Engaging, Implementing, Arts & Culture—A new program is promoting how these neighborhood institutions can join—and even lead—comprehensive community development initiatives.

Parks and Arts, A Natural Pair: Roanoke, VAParks and Arts, A Natural Pair: Roanoke, VA

Community Cultural Development—How can a small city increase access to the arts and create opportunities for its local artists outside of traditional venues?

New poll shows need for affordable housingNew poll shows need for affordable housing

Affordable Housing—Nearly 60 percent of Americans say that it is challenging to buy or rent affordable quality housing in their community.

New resource for integrated services deliveryNew resource for integrated services delivery

Family Income & Assets—A new website is a one-stop shop for resources for programs that mix employment, income support and asset-building services for low-income families.

'Aging in Every Place: Supportive Service Programs  for High and Low Density Communities'"Aging in Every Place: Supportive Service Programs for High and Low Density Communities"

Asset and Property Management—A report on the benefits of home- and community-based approaches to elderly care, and reasons to expand these programs.

Creative Placemaking: A TourCreative Placemaking: A Tour

Arts & Culture—A photo essay of programs, projects and people who are changing communities across the country with arts and culture.

Community Safety by ProcessCommunity Safety by Process

Community Safety—A series of how-to articles on the key activities to incorporate public safety into a comprehensive community development initiative, with advice from successful groups around the country.

Financial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial BreakdownsFinancial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial Breakdowns

Organizational Sustainability—A webinar and a list of resources for how nonprofits can avoid common financial traps, including nearly a dozen case studies.

More on Health


Community development’s unseen benefit? Good health Building better communities helps residents live longer, stronger lives. That simple fact brings a whole new perspective to our work. 

At the crossroads of housing and health care Bob Van Meter on how comprehensive community development is uniquely positioned to help short-circuit the link between poverty and poor health.

Improving neighborhood nutrition requires more than food A New York initiative is coupling efforts to improve the supply of healthy food with a broader community development strategy to strengthen neighborhoods. 

How to Do It Resources

The Center for Active Design This website provides design guides to promote healthy eating and physical activity in communities, including supplements for affordable housing, safety and sidewalks.

Healthy Food Access Portal A comprehensive website with a wide range of information on strategies and resources to support healthy food retail projects and related policy efforts.

"Connecting Housing and Health Care through Community Development" An article explaining how LISC's Healthy Futures Fund supports the development of community health centers and affordable housing with health services—and linkages between the two.

For more, visit the Health & Wellness section of How To Do It

About the Institute

The LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development is designed to share knowledge and resources with LISC staff, local agencies in the LISC network and others who are working in the field of comprehensive community development. The Institute website, trainings, webinars and peer-to-peer support are tools that help practitioners and their partners successfully implement comprehensive community initiatives.

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"Building Equity By the Tracks"

"LISC is pushing hard to make sure that new rail lines going into towns across the country aren’t just magnets for high-end investments, but also include the services and amenities low-income families need: Affordable housing, health care, financial planning assistance, cultural richness," writes John McCarron in this 2013 article on how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development that ran in the Next City website

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