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Spotlight Section: Arts & Culture

To get the best from creative placemaking, we need to build community-level knowledge, leadership and support. Community-led art: What it takes

News From Around the Site

New resource for integrated services deliveryNew resource for integrated services delivery

Family Income & Assets—A new website is a one-stop shop for resources for programs that mix employment, income support and asset-building services for low-income families.

Community Safety by ProcessCommunity Safety by Process

Community Safety—A series of how-to articles on the key activities to incorporate public safety into a comprehensive community development initiative, with advice from successful groups around the country.

Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 1Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 1

Commercial and Economic Development, Rhode Island—With some planning, promotion and special attention, new businesses thrive along Woonsocket’s Main Street.

Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 2Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 2

Commercial and Economic Development, Rhode Island—Woonsocket launches a storefront stroll to promote local opportunity and reduce vacancies on its retail strip.

When a street becomes a destinationWhen a street becomes a destination

Commercial and Economic Development, Philadelphia—Fresh facades, a model block and a new marketing plan are bringing new life--and new businesses--to Philadelphia's East Girard Avenue.

Southwest Side StoriesSouthwest Side Stories

Engaging, Chicago, Leading—Ghian Foreman talks about purchasing pools, fighting despair, taking over a block and more at his CDC on the Southwest Side of Chicago.

Data DrivenData Driven

Leading, Evaluating, Philadelphia—A community report card full of detailed statistics gives the Eastern North community in Philadelphia a clear-eyed idea of what needs to change.

Lessons on how to scaleLessons on how to scale

Leading, Evaluating, Family Income & Assets—A Q&A with Kevin Jordan about how LISC expanded its Financial Opportunity Center model across the country.

When the White House callsWhen the White House calls

Thinking Out Loud—At a meeting with President Obama at the White House, a small group discussed "ladders of opportunity" for low-income people to reach the middle class.

More on Arts & Culture

Institute Articles

The people in the place Creative placemaking works best when the community is at the heart of both the process and the product.

How arts and culture can transform your community Erik Takeshita on the opportunities of creative placemaking, a powerful, arts-based approach to community development.

Creative Placemaking: A Tour A photo essay of programs, projects and people who are changing communities across the country with arts and culture.

Helping kids find their voices--and their futures--through the arts Steve Curtis in Kansas City explores how involving youth in the arts lets them interact with their communities—and weave themselves into the fabric of their neighborhoods.

Using the arts to strengthen neighborhoods Jackie Samuel has first-hand experience with integrating arts and culture into community development on the South Side of Chicago.

How to Do It Resources

"Creative Placemaking" This report from 2010 is a great place to start on the concept of creative placemaking, with a clear explanation, examples and strategies for practioners and supporters.

"Economic Vitality: How the arts and culture sector catalyzes economic vitality" A short briefing paper of four key points on how arts and culture can be an economic driver for a community.

Artspace The nation's largest developer of artist live-work space, Artspace has been involved with nearly 2,000 live-work units across the country.

For more, visit the Arts & Culture section of How To Do It

About the Institute

The LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development is designed to share knowledge and resources with LISC staff, local agencies in the LISC network and others who are working in the field of comprehensive community development. The Institute website, trainings, webinars and peer-to-peer support are tools that help practitioners and their partners successfully implement comprehensive community initiatives.

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Practioner Toolkit

"Placemaking in Legacy Cities: Opportunities and Good Practices" Case studies of four urban locations (downtown, anchor district, neighborhood and corridor/trail) illustrate how to build a sense of place in cities where industry and population has declined.

"The ABC's of CDC Financial Management: Understanding the Financial Engine of Your Organization" This webinar teaches CDCs how to assess their organizational financial strength and how to effectively manage government funding and compliance. Learn more in “Organizational Sustainabilty.”

"Building Equity By the Tracks" This article from the Next City website describes how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development in low-income neighborhoods.

For more resources for comprehensive community development, visit How To Do It.

"Building Equity By the Tracks"

"LISC is pushing hard to make sure that new rail lines going into towns across the country aren’t just magnets for high-end investments, but also include the services and amenities low-income families need: Affordable housing, health care, financial planning assistance, cultural richness," writes John McCarron in this 2013 article on how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development that ran in the Next City website

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