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Spotlight: Family Income & Assets

Courtesy of Brighton Center

By growing its Financial Opportunity Center network, LISC is helping local groups support clients like Brittany Gee Expanding The Integrated Services Model

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Other Housing Topics—Center for Community Progress releases updated 2nd edition of Land Banks and Land Banking .

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Commercial Corridors—Practical advice from LISC's MetroEdge commercial corridor revitalization program

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Affordable Housing—2015 report finds homeownership dropping, rents rising

Pessimism Continues About Housing AffordabilityPessimism Continues About Housing Affordability

Affordable Housing—Survey finds a majority believe America’s housing crisis isn’t over yet.

Finding New Life for Industrial PropertiesFinding New Life for Industrial Properties

Commercial Property—Reuse of vacant industrial buildings adds vitality to southeast Indianapolis

'Asset Management and the Survival of Nonprofit Owners'"Asset Management and the Survival of Nonprofit Owners"

Housing Development and Preservation, Asset and Property Management—An asset management expert describes common challenges and how CDCs can overcome them.

New Study: Nonprofits Must Plan for SustainabilityNew Study: Nonprofits Must Plan for Sustainability

Leading—A study of New England nonprofits points to the need for fundamental shifts to make nonprofits sustainable for the future.

New Paper Highlights Nexus of Affordable Housing and Healthcare ReformNew Paper Highlights Nexus of Affordable Housing and Healthcare Reform

Health & Wellness—Report looks at new opportunities for housing providers and health care providers to work together in support of better health outcomes for low-income families and individuals.

'Integration & Innovation: Lessons from Organizations Integrating Asset Building into Social Services'"Integration & Innovation: Lessons from Organizations Integrating Asset Building into Social Services"

Integrated Services Delivery—This 20-page report outlines ideas on how to integrate financial components into existing social services to strengthen clients' financial security.

More on Family Income & Assets

How to Do It Resources

Resources for Integrating Financial and Asset Building Services Why it’s important and how to do it

Rural Families Get A Prescription for Financial Health Financial Opportunity Center helps rural Pennsylvania families build wealth.

Integrated Services Delivery website This website outlines the philosophy, best practices and resources for integrated services delivery, which bundle services for low-income families in employment, income supports and asset-building.

Visit the Family Income & Assets page of the How To Do It section for more resources.

In The News

LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers Show Real-Life Results The Washington Post recently recognized LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers as a successful vehicle for helping families and individuals achieve financial stability.

Improving economy leaves too many behind We need to recognize that the loss of manufacturing and construction jobs is a huge loss for low-income communties—and start working on a response that will fill those gaps.

Visit the Family Income & Assets page of the In The News section for more stories.

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The LISC Institute for Comprehensive Community Development is designed to share knowledge and resources with LISC staff, local agencies in the LISC network and others who are working in the field of comprehensive community development. The Institute website, trainings, webinars and peer-to-peer support are tools that help practitioners and their partners successfully implement comprehensive community initiatives.

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"Building Equity By the Tracks"

"LISC is pushing hard to make sure that new rail lines going into towns across the country aren’t just magnets for high-end investments, but also include the services and amenities low-income families need: Affordable housing, health care, financial planning assistance, cultural richness," writes John McCarron in this 2013 article on how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development that ran in the Next City website

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