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“Financial Aid” That Does More

Community colleges help students manage their finances along with their course loads

“The Spiral of Sustainable Excellence”

The ups and downs of nonprofit organizational growth

The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes

National Low Income Housing Coalition releases annual study of rental housing affordability

Investments in Small Business Revive Whole Neighborhoods

In a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, LISC leaders explain how to help small businesses have big impacts

When Living Wage Jobs Are Out of Reach

Education programs help fill the workforce skills gap

New Housing Policy Research and Reports

New publications offer updates and guidance on a variety of affordable housing issues

Tax Reform Could Significantly Affect LIHTC Equity Market

A look at the likelihood that Congress will enact substantial tax reform in the coming years and what the impacts on the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) could be

Training Opportunity Available

CDFI Fund opens waitlist for Training and Technical Assistance Workshops for Minority Community Development Entities

The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016

A look at our most popular stories of the year

Exploring Gentrification

HUD’s Cityscape looks at gentrification causes and consequences

A Call to Step into One Another’s Shoes

Helping to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color

A Grassroots Solution to Rural Poverty That Traveled All the Way to the White House

A multi-generational approach to poverty that is working in Blytheville, Arkansas

Answering the Wake-Up Call on Public Health Equity

A comprehensive approach to healthy communities and people

Grassroots Fixes for a Crisis of National Proportions

How local solutions work in the fight against inequity, poverty, displacement, unaffordable housing and homelessness

Reconnecting to the Economy: A More Hopeful Present & Future

Economic development that focuses on local energy and assets

The Path to Financial Stability

Helping people of all income levels reach financial goals

Reflections on the #LISCLeads Conference

LISC conference sparks thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry

Explore the 2016 LISC Talks

View a series of talks given by community development leaders and visionaries at LISC’s 2016 National Leadership Conference

Post-Election Outlook

How will affordable housing and community development fare under the new administration?

Disaster Resilience for Vulnerable Populations

Examining how natural disasters affect low-income and minority households

First Steps on the Road to Financial Well-Being: Final Report from the Evaluation of LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers

Evaluation of LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers proves their value

A Roundup of New Housing Resources

Recent articles, reports and events help shine light on equity challenges and solutions in affordable housing

Helping Senior Renters Age In Place

New guides help housing developers and property managers meet the needs of aging residents

Community Development That Brings Better Health

A look at how place impacts health, and what we can do about it

Request for Proposals - Pay For Success (PFS) Projects

LISC offers competitive funding opportunity for selected Pay for Success initiatives.

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