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Journal Inaugural Issue: December 2010

BOOK REVIEW: The Politics of Happiness
In his new book, former Harvard President Derek Bok says that public policy in the U.S. has neglected to promote the well-being and happiness of Americans.
Building the Platform for Community Development
After twelve eventful and creative years of pursuing a comprehensive development program in Chicago, just what do we think we’re doing? Here's an overview of how the New Communities Program was…
COMMENTARY: After Shorebank
In August 2010 Shorebank, the nation’s first community development bank, failed after thirty-plus years of operation. Richard Taub reflects on Shorebank’s passing.
COMMENTARY: Shorebank and the Future of CDFIs
Shorebank's demise is sad and important, but the story here is CDFI resilience rather than industry decline.
LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Obama Administration Intensifies Neighborhood Revitalization Focus
A new and ambitious commitment to neighborhoods signals the Administration’s intent to coordinate and target existing resources.
Lessons from the Field: How 21st Century Community Development Can Inform Federal Policy
Thriving neighborhoods are critical to the success of their cities and metropolitan areas, but crafting effective programs to support neighborhoods presents major challenges.
Letter from the Publisher
We hope this new publication will position the Institute as the thought-leader in our field and as the go-to place to learn about and think about what it takes to transform neighborhoods in America.
Q&A: Bob Weissbourd on 21st Century Community Development and Policy
Robert Weissbourd discusses his new article on neighborhoods, community development and federal policy.
In a March 2009 speech in Kansas City, the late Bishop Brazier urged community developers "to meet fear with courage and implement the dreams that you have in your hearts."
No serious neighborhood revitalization effort can ignore the hard work of creating connections to residents and organization leaders.
Voices from the Field III
The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change recently published a review of 48 major comprehensive community initiatives, and related community change efforts, of the past two decades.
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