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Commercial and Economic Development

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Surviving and thriving in the new normal
The American economy might be on the rebound. If neighborhoods are to share in the recovery, they’ll need to adapt to some structural changes.
Perspective from Los Angeles
A Q&A with LISC LA’s Claudia Lima about budget crises, cultural preservation and different kinds of community capital .
Connecting to regional markets
Six cities strategize on how to hitch poor neighborhoods to their metro regions’ economic engines
Cultural assets feed a commercial corridor
In San Diego, the City Heights community is using its diversity to create an international destination point on El Cajon Boulevard.
Data jump
With surprising insights from market analysis, supporters of commercial corridors in two Rhode Island communities are energized for improvements.
In Richmond, beautification means business
New spring energy is pouring into the Greater Fulton community in Richmond, Virginia, where careful planning is leading to beautification of the commercial corridor and beyond.
Five steps to revitalization
If your commercial corridor needs more stores, more customers or more energy, consider these tips.
Commercial corridor connection
A Q&A with Jake Cowan about how MetroEdge approaches commercial corridor revitalization in 2012.
A coalition you never thought you’d see
When it comes to the housing crisis, leafy suburbs are sharing the pain with gritty urban communities. Maybe they should start sharing the solutions, too.
Big ideas sparked by the housing crisis
A six-city discussion of housing, regional development and urban neighborhoods expanded into a wider conversation.
High Tech for Small Firms
A new Online Resource Center is a quick and easy way to get some tips about how to get the most from the Internet for your local businesses.
Working in Rhode Island to improve state economic efforts in cities
Rhode Island LISC is aiming to improve local economy in two cities and raise the quality of life of their residents. And that's just what Gov. Lincoln Chafee wants to do.
Fulton goal is gradual business development
Don’t expect a major chain grocery store to fill the commercial void in the Fulton neighborhood of Richmond, Va., anytime soon. Do expect to see a gradual business development in the…
Sunnyslope — on the upswing
LISC consultants are working to improve business conditions on Hatcher Road, a commerical corridor in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of Phoenix at the foot of the local S mountain.
Nurturing neighborhood improvement — the rural way
In rural areas, such as Uniontown, Pa., the LISC model of Building Sustainable Communities is carried out in a manner similar to the way it's done in city neighborhoods. But with one key difference.
Providing good food and economic development "in a big, big way"
Joe Bute is trying to get people to stop thinking about the food hub he's developing in Republic, Pa., only as a nice thing to do. "It constitutes economic development in a big, big way," he says.
Neighborhoods and jobs
What role can communities play in bringing jobs to the region and connecting local residents to these jobs? In a recent newsletter, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago focuses on that question.
"Jobs anywhere" is not enough
The "Urban 2.0" Inner City Economic Summit in Chicago focused on the next generation of jobs and business needed to improve the vitality of inner city communities and opportunities for the people who…
Working to break free from the past
Four days after the Fourth of July this summer, residents of the Fulton community met to chart what they hope will be a new economic independence for the Richmond, Va., neighborhood.
Point-Counterpoint: Well, how important IS housing to neighborhood revitalization?
A give-and-take between Joe Kriesberg and Jim Capraro about affordable housing and economic development
Working together works: The San Francisco experience
Working together works. Not only for neighborhoods, but also for neighborhood businesses. That's the central finding of a new evaluation of the Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative in San Francisco.
Q&A with David Anderson and Jim Capraro — on neighborhood economic development, community groups as cheerleaders and the possibility of investment from China
Community development veterans David Anderson and Jim Capraro recently spoke together about attracting private investment to low-income neighborhoods.
Experts helping to boost commercial strips in two Rhode Island cities
Two Rhode Island cities are currently the targets of a new program to revitalize urban commercial corridors.
When improving business districts, numbers can equal power
Many people think of statistics as mind-numbing numbers, as indecipherable as hieroglyphics. But leaders of efforts to boost commercial districts in Pittsburgh have come to see numbers as power.
Videos posted of the June 20 Neighborhoods and Labor Markets Seminar
Videos of the Neighborhoods and Labor Markets seminar, held on June 20 in Chicago and six satellite cities, have been posted here .

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