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The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016
A look at our most popular stories of the year
Answering the Wake-Up Call on Public Health Equity
A comprehensive approach to healthy communities and people
Helping Senior Renters Age In Place
New guides help housing developers and property managers meet the needs of aging residents
Community Development That Brings Better Health
A look at how place impacts health, and what we can do about it
Integrating Health and Housing
New set of briefs provides guidance for housing and health professionals
The Role of Anchor Institutions in Restoring Neighborhoods
National Housing Conference releases report on health institutions as a catalyst for affordable housing and community development
Network Commons: Social Impact Investing for Better Health
Four community investment experts share firsthand experiences driving capital into neighborhood-level projects to improve health and well-being.
Food Deserts Get Healthier Options
Strengthening the link between place, food access and health
Filling Vacancies With Food
Food Hub brings life to vacant storefront and better health to West Harlem residents
Health Center Collaborates with Grocery Store on Healthy Living in Brockton, Mass.
New Markets Tax Credit investment helps bring health care and healthy food choices to Brockton
Capital Plans and Needs of Health Centers
New study examines health centers' expansion plans in the face of growing needs
New Paper Highlights Nexus of Affordable Housing and Healthcare Reform
Report looks at new opportunities for housing providers and health care providers to work together in support of better health outcomes for low-income families and individuals.
Transforming Rural Communities Into Healthy Communities
From clinics to cooking classes, rural CDCs find ways to bring healthier living to their communities.
Building Healthier Communities, One Data Point At a Time
Community developers are improving their use of health data to hone their attempts to build healthier neighborhoods.
A Hub Grows in Harlem
In West Harlem, community champions lead their neighborhood to a healthier way of life.
Cooking from a new menu
In the Cypress Hills neighborhood in Brooklyn, helping residents eat more healthy, fresh foods is another part of community development.
In North Philadelphia, community organizing is path to better health
From health insurance to regular check-ups, outreach into the community helps residents get information and motivation to make a healthy choice.
The mighty Elm Playlot
How an ambitious park renovation turned a place to play into a job creator, a public safety program, a healthy food center and much more.
A new view of health
Community Health Advocates bring resources and build relationships that improve the health and wellness of residents.
Community development’s unseen benefit? Good health
Building better communities helps residents live longer, stronger lives. That simple fact brings a whole new perspective to our work.
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
At the crossroads of housing and health care
Comprehensive community development—with its focus on overall quality of life—is uniquely positioned to help short-circuit the link between poverty and poor health.
When making a healthy food choice is not an option
A New York City food pantry is expanding to offer much more in an effort to fight the city's food deserts.
Improved KC communities improve resident health
Residents of Kansas City neighborhoods that are supported by LISC had lower blood pressure than similar neighborhoods without LISC programs, according to researchers.
Unsafe streets
New research shows that poor neighborhoods are much more dangerous for drivers and pedestrians

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